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   Carpet is soft and comfortable and it insulates your space. Unlike like hardwood and other flooring types, carpet is a natural insulator. Carpet will naturally warm your home during the cold winter months of Chicagoland. Our beautiful carpet is sure to dress up any room in your house. Our selection of carpet from nylon to wool carpets will add the warmth and richness each house deserves. 

     Carpet pad will make your carpet feel even softer and will increase the overall life of the carpet. Padding and carpeting can also be used a noise-pollution barrier. 

    When selecting the right carpet for your home, there are factors to consider. The following factors will help you decide which carpet will be the best for your home.

    1) Style: Loop, Frieze, Plush, Texture, Twist, Pattern

    2) Padding

    3) Fiber type

    4) Color

    5) Application

    6) Durability and foot traffic

    7) Price and budget

    8) Maintenance 

  Whether you are looking for basement carpet or master bedroom carpet please take look at the different options we offer.