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-Installation  of any hardwood specie: red oak, white oak, maple, walnut, hickory, Brazilian cherry and much more!

-Sanding new or existing hardwood floors

-Buffing/screening new or existing hardwood floors

-Staining hardwood floors

-Applying water base finishes. We do not use any toxic alcohol based products that are dangerous to your family and home. These are 6    advantages of water base finishes over alcohol based and oil based products 

  1. ​More Durable: The two water based products we apply (Basic Coatings and Dura Seal) are commercial rated products. These products are 5 times more resistant than the average oil based products.
  2. Less VOC: VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. These gases can have damaging health effects. Also combined with other elements and gases in the presence of sunlight to form smog, a major air pollutant outside and inside. The government has begun restricting the amount of VOC's that can be included in certain products: 1) Oil based and alcohol based products typically have more than half of VOC's compared to water based products. 2) Water based products produce much less odor than oil based and alcohol based products. 3) Green: Several water based products finishes meet the strictest of government regulations and LEED requirements. 
  3. Faster Dry Times: Multiple coats of waterbased finish can be applied in one day. Each coat dries in about 3 hours compared to oil based and alcohol based products that can take up to 24 hours to dry.
  4. Faster Cure Times: Waterbased products are the fastest curing finishes on the market. This means less time you have to be off your floors. Also means that VOCs are removed from the floor faster.
  5. Less Yellowng: Waterbased finishes will retain a clear non-yellowing appearance compared to oil based and alcohol base products. 
  6. Non-Flammable: Oil based products and alcohol based products contain petroleum distillates, which are combustible or flammable. Waterbased finishes are not combustible or flammable. The vapors of oil based and alcohol based products are also combustible or flammable. Pilot lights and other sources of spark must be turned off during the application of oil based and alcohol based products

​-Tykote Dustless Refinishing System: The TyKote dustless refinishing system utilizes the powerful two step cleaning solutions of I.F.T & Squeaky to remove dirt or other form of contamination from hardwood floors. I.F.T & Squeaky ensure a clean and uncontaminated surface that eliminates the need for heaving sanding and dusty buffing. It takes 3 easy step to give your floor a new look

  1. Prep and Clean
  2. Apply the bonding agent
  3. Finish the hardwood floors with Basic Coatings Waterbased StreetShoe products  


-Designing your cabinets to match your needs and wants

-Installing cabinets


-Installation of any type of carpet fiber. From nylons to wools to sisals we have you covered with our professional installation.

-cutting to size carpet to fit any application. 

-installing professional stair runners with surge or binding edges.

-cut and make any size area rugs with surge, binding, or boarders.

-repair existing installed carpet

-clean wall to wall carpet and area rugs


-Installation of any type of tile products on the floor, wall, showers, or full bathroom remolding. From ceramic to porcelain, to stone we have you covered with our professional installation.

-seal natural stone products​​